GTE reform – Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions about the GTE reforms.

Do you have a question about Government Trading Enterprise (GTE) reform? Browse these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and find your answer.

Why do we need GTE reform?

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Recent reviews conducted as part of wider public sector reform have highlighted the importance of a clear relationship between GTEs and Government to ensure well-informed decision making.

Why is Treasury delivering these reforms?

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The Treasurer is in a unique position of reviewing financial impacts across all of Western Australia’s GTEs, and Treasury supports the Treasurer in this role. This means Treasury is well placed to compare governance arrangements across GTEs and develop policy or processes. A GTE Governance and Oversight Unit has been established within Treasury, consistent with practices in other jurisdictions across Australia.

How will the framework be developed and how often will it be reviewed?

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The GTE project team conducted a series of forums to discuss and consider issues and capture ideas to improve and standardise governance arrangements. The feedback collected through this engagement has been used to develop the framework, including policy guidelines and legislation. Frameworks are typically reviewed for their effectiveness every five years.

How will the framework be implemented?

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Overarching GTE legislation will be introduced to consolidate the governance requirements of GTEs which are presently contained in multiple instruments, while maintaining appropriate flexibility for practices to adapt to industry, market and policy changes over time.

Policy guidelines will also be developed to support implementation of both legislative and administrative features of the framework and provide clear guidance on the governance and performance expectations of GTEs covered by the GTE legislation.

When will this take effect?

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The first stage of the GTE Reform Program affecting 16 in-scope GTEs is expected to continue until the end of 2020. This includes time to develop the framework and then work with each GTE to ensure its successful ongoing implementation. The second stage of the Program will consider whether the remaining 11 entities align with the GTE framework.

Can I be involved? Can I make a submission?

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The GTE project team is not seeking public submissions, but the GTE Governance and Oversight Unit team welcomes feedback.

How can I keep informed?

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The GTE Reform team will continue to keep this website up-to-date and provide general information on the Program, its progress and outcomes. Please check the latest news section for updates.

If you work within a GTE or policy agency you are encouraged to contact your program representative to provide feedback.

Page reviewed 18 February 2020
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