Organisational structure

We are structured into eight directorates working together to manage and regulate the state's environment and water resources.

Minister for Water

Hon Simone McGurk BA(Arts) BA(Comms) MLA

Minister for Environment

Hon Reece Whitby MLA


Office of Director General

Director General - Michelle Andrews


Compliance and Enforcement

Executive Director - Kelly Faulkner
Icon for compliance and enforcement directorate

Compliance and Enforcement administers our legislation, including monitoring, audit and compliance inspections, and investigates complaints and incidents.

  • Investigations
  • Compliance
  • Pollution reporting
  • Intelligence
  • Illegal dumping
  • Controlled waste tracking

Corporate Services

Executive Director - Mark Burgess
Icon for corporate services directorate

Corporate Services supports our financial, workforce, legal services, land management, and information systems to underpin our operations and key corporate systems.

  • Human resources
  • Information services
  • Finance
  • Legal services

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Services

Executive Director - Shaun Meredith
Icon for EPA services directorate

EPA Services provides support, advice and expertise to inform the EPA’s assessments, strategy, planning advice and policy.

  • Strategic advice and support to the EPA
  • Environmental impact assessment support
  • Guideline development
  • Ministerial conditions and changes to approved proposals


Regional Delivery

Executive Director - Simon Taylor
Icon for regional delivery directorate

Regional Delivery coordinates our functions delivered in the regions, including hydrography program operations, local water compliance, water licensing and planning referrals advice.

It also includes the Regulatory Capability Division set up to drive the one-stop-shop for environmental and water regulation within the department.

  • Regional service delivery
  • Water licensing
  • Regulatory reform
  • Planning referrals advice
  • Regulatory capability
  • Support to water advisory committees

Regulatory Services

Executive Director - Ed Schuller
Icon for regulatory services directorate

Regulatory Services administers environmental regulation functions for works approvals, licences and clearing permits.

It provides ongoing environmental management of granted instruments and supports compliance and enforcement programs, native vegetation programs and regulatory reform activities.

  • Clearing regulation
  • Industry regulation
  • Ongoing environmental management of clearing and industry regulation
  • Support to Compliance and Enforcement program
  • Strategic native vegetation protection

Science and Planning

Executive Director - Jason Moynihan
Icon for science and planning directorate

Science and Planning provides evidence-based information to help stakeholders make informed judgments about issues that affect them.

Our science also supports regulatory decision-making and our stewardship obligations.

  • Science data
  • Water resource science and flood risk science
  • River and estuary science
  • Environmental noise, air quality, terrestrial and marine ecosystem advice
  • Contaminated sites regulation
  • Water allocation and source protection planning and urban water and water supply advice


Strategic Policy

Executive Director - Sarah McEvoy
Icon for strategic policy directorate

Strategic Policy leads the review and development of the state’s environmental, climate, water and waste policies, legislation and regulations.

It also supports the Waste Authority, the Keep Australia Beautiful Council, Cockburn Sound Management Council, Air Quality Coordination Committee, Murujuga Rock Art Stakeholder Reference Group, Exmouth Gulf Taskforce, Container Deposit Scheme, Water Resources Reform Reference Group, Waste Reform Advisory Group and the Aboriginal Water and Environmental Advisory Group.


  • Environmental, climate change, water and waste strategic policy and programs
  • Review and update of legislation
  • Waste levy collection and exemptions

Strategy and Engagement

Executive Director - Germaine Larcombe
Icon for strategy and engagement directorate

Strategy and Engagement enables us to focus on long-term strategy, portfolio and stakeholder collaboration. We do this through effective partnering together with internal and external engagement and business excellence.

  • Strategy
  • Whole-of-government projects
  • Business excellence
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Ministerial liaison
  • Communications

Bodies supported by the department

  • Warren Donnelly Water Advisory Committee
  • Geographe Catchment Council
  • Carnarvon Water Allocation Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Waste Authority
  • Cockburn Sound Management Council
  • Air Quality Coordinating Committee
  • Contaminated Sites Committee
  • Office of the Appeals Convenor
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA
Page reviewed 15 December 2022