Western Australia’s Plan for Plastics Stage 2

Stage 2 regulations came into effect on 27 February 2023.
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Western Australia's Plan for Plastics was designed to be implemented in a staged approach.

Stage 2 of the WA Plan for Plastics came into effect on 27 February 2023. Stage 2 includes a second set of single-use or disposable plastic items and materials that will be phased out between 1 September 2023 and 1 July 2025. The Stage 2 regulations ban the sale and supply of:

  • loose and moulded expanded plastic packaging
  • degradable plastics (plastics designed to break up more rapidly into fragments under certain conditions).
  • produce bags
  • expanded polystyrene cups and food trays for raw meat and seafood
  • coffee cups and lids
  • lids for cups, bowls, trays, plates and takeaway food containers
  • trays for food not covered in the Stage 1 ban
  • cotton buds with plastic stems
  • microbeads.

Next steps

Transition periods for the phase-out of Stage 2 items will allow businesses to run down supplies and make plans for alternative processes and packaging. The transition period for each item is outlined below:

StageItemBan in effect date
2aExpanded plastic packaging (loose)1 September 2023
2aCotton buds with plastic stems1 September 2023
2aMicrobeads1 September 2023
2aExpanded plastic cups and trays for raw meat and seafood1 September 2023
2aDegradable plastics1 September 2023
2bCoffee cups and all disposable plastic cup lids1 March 2024
2bTrays for food not covered in the Stage 1 ban1 March 2024
2cProduce bags*1 September 2024
2cLids for bowls, trays, plates and takeaway food containers1 September 2024
2dExpanded plastic packaging (moulded)1 July 2025

*The regulation will be amended to allow produce bags that are certified as compostable to Australian composting standards (AS4736:2006 or AS5810:2010) after the enforcement date of 1 September 2024. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is considering a design standard for all produce/barrier bags. It is reviewing whether other plastic barrier bags will be phased out beyond those used for fresh fruit and vegetables that are already in the ban. For updates, please register at WA Plan for Plastics.

Information and support

Development of Stage 2 regulations was informed by the Single-Use Plastic Working Group.

The National Retail Association (NRA) has been engaged to provide support for businesses during the transitions for each stage of the WA Plastics Ban. View their suite of useful resources, including a comprehensive Guide for Business has been developed to provide a one-stop source that covers existing and upcoming bans in Western Australia. 

The NRA are holding regular Stage 2 information sessions, and have a dedicated toll-free business hotline to support retailers, suppliers and businesses. Details are available at WA Plastics Ban.

Stage 2 is also supported through the Plastic Free Places program, delivered by the Boomerang Alliance to WA hospitality and events organisations through free individualised consultations online or face-to-face. Visit WA Plastic Free | Plastic Free Places | Boomerang Alliance Australia for advice and support.

Compliance and enforcement

Enforcement of Stage 2 regulations commenced from 1 September 2023 for select items and materials. We will take an education-first approach as part of the introduction of these changes.

If you suspect a banned plastic item is being used, email complianceforplastics@dwer.wa.gov.au or call 6364 6651.


Visit our webpage to lodge an application for an exemption from the ban or for further information. Note that running down excess or left-over stock of banned items after the enforcement date is not an allowable exemption reason.

Email plastic-exemptions@dwer.wa.gov.au for exemption inquiries or call 6364 7000.

The Stage 2 single-use plastic bans refer to Australian Standard AS 4736-2006 Biodegradable plastics – Biodegradable plastics suitable for composting and other microbial treatment and AS 5810-2010 Biodegradable plastics – Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting.

Copies of AS 4736-2006 and AS 5810-2010 are available for viewing free of charge at our office at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Prime House, 8 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup, between 8.30am and 5.00pm on weekdays.


We consulted with key stakeholders and the community on Stage 2 of the Plan for Plastics between 23 September 2022 to 18 November 2022. We received consultation feedback via written submissions, online surveys and from attendees at information workshops. 

Stage 2 decision regulatory impact statement

The decision regulatory impact statement (DRIS) for Stage 2 provides a detailed review of the costs and benefits of regulations along with feedback received during consultation. It also summarises potential impacts to national and trans-Tasman markets that could result from the introduction of regulations.

The DRIS recommended the preferred approach for regulatory intervention continue, with modifications to the scope and timing for specific items and with complementary actions to support transition. The DRIS confirmed permanent exemptions would be sought under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 and Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997.

Fact sheets, guidance and FAQs

View and download Stage 2 fact sheets and FAQs.

Community awareness resources