About the Forest Products Commission

Working in plantation and native forestry across the diverse environment of Western Australia, the FPC is a dedicated team committed to close engagement with communities, industry and government to support a vibrant and sustainable forestry industry.
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The Forest Products Commission (FPC) is a Statutory Corporation and reports to the State Government through the Minister for Forestry. The FPC is governed by the Forest Products Act 2000, the Forest Products Amendment Act 2022 and the Forest Products Regulations 2020.

The FPC operates within the broader Government Policy Framework and contributes to achieving the State Government’s goals by working with other Government departments and stakeholders to facilitate a vibrant and enduring forestry industry. It contributes to Western Australia’s forest products sector using forest products from land owned and managed by the State or from other approved clearing activities.

In addition to establishing and managing the State’s softwood plantation estate, the FPC also supports forest health outcomes through managing ecological thinning activities in accordance with the Forest Management Plan (FMP) 2024-2033. Increasing focus is also being placed on supporting Aboriginal economic development through the sandalwood industry and using newly established softwood plantations to sequester carbon and generate revenue through registered carbon projects. 

Our vision

To build and maintain an environmentally and socially responsible forest products industry that is financially viable and provides economic and social benefits to the people of Western Australia, particularly in regional areas through:

  • delivering healthy forests for future generations; and
  • ensuring efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes.

Our values

Our values underpin and guide us in everything we do as we carry out our work. All interactions with colleagues, contractors, stakeholders, and members of the community reflect our values and expected behaviours.

FPC values

Our organisational structure

The FPC reports to the Minister for Forestry, the Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLC.

Our Board of Commissioners possess a diverse range of skills and experience to manage the variety of issues on which they provide direction.

The role of our Executive team is to provide strategic management to oversee the implementation of corporate decisions and to maintain operational excellence.

Regulatory environment

The FPC’s core activities of harvesting and managing pine plantations on public land are regulated by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). The FPC also undertakes ecological thinning for forest health in native forests under the direction of DBCA. The principal mechanism that sets management standards for the southwest forests of WA is the Forest Management Plan 2024-2033 (FMP), which is prepared by the Conservation and Parks Commission and DBCA.

The FPC also operates on private land governed by various State and Federal laws, policies and industry codes of practice. Sandalwood harvesting is regulated under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2018.