Softwood plantation investment

In 2021, the WA Government announced a $350 million investment to grow the State’s softwood plantation timber estate.
Last updated: 7 March 2023

The Forest Products Commission will spend 10 years securing suitable land to help meet the increasing demand for softwood timber products in Western Australia. During this time over 30 million seedlings will be planted.

  • Well managed plantations deliver a wide range of economic, environmental and social benefits to Western Australian communities.
  • Provide resource security to the State’s housing and construction industry by reducing dependence on timber imports.
  • Support the habitat of threatened species.
  • Absorb carbon and release oxygen.
  • Create jobs and investment in regional communities.
  • Support employment of over 1,900 people.
  • Inject $600 million into the economy each year through harvesting and management.

What type of properties are we looking for?

Plantation investment will be focused in processing centres and on properties that:

  • are within a reasonable distance from processing facilities;
  • located in areas which have at least 600 mm annual rainfall in order to support healthy plantation growth; and
  • have greater than 100 hectares of the property suitable for pine plantations.

Do you know of land that may be suitable and available for plantations? Contact us

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