Bin it campaign

Promoting the positive behaviour of putting litter in the bin and not littering our beautiful state.
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About the Bin it campaign

Bin it, you know it's the right thing to do ... is Keep Australia Beautiful Council's overarching message to promote the positive behaviour of putting litter in the bin and not littering our beautiful state. While most people do the right thing with their rubbish, there are a lot who continue to leave litter, throw from vehicles or on the ground.

The campaign includes bin signage, posters and social media messaging and combines with other Keep Australia Beautiful community engagement and education programs to help promote a collective responsibility towards littering. You can view our past campaign videos below.

Can you help promote the Bin it message?

We want to work collaboratively with other organisations to deliver this important message, so please contact us if you can help. Here’s some ideas for how you or your organisation get involved:

Raise awareness of the 'Bin it' message by using the logo on your website, at your workplace, in your newsletter, social media sites, letterheads or in any other place that the public might see it or where the anti-litter message is important. Download the Bin it logo.

Promote the message

Spread the message via your newsletter, webpage or event. Bin it resources include posters, no junk mail stickers, bin stickers and print advertisements. View and download our logos and other resources.

Outdoor or community events coming up?

Take a look at the 'Bin it' ads above and contact us to access the movie file to screen at your event. A great way to promote an anti-litter message. Litter bags can also be supplied to complement your anti-litter efforts.

Past Bin it campaigns

These campaigns take a more hard hitting approach to connect with those who continue to litter and send a strong message, that "if you leave litter, you're rubbish".