MyLeave Worker FAQ

See below for common questions asked by Workers in the Construction industry

How Does the Scheme Work?

In Western Australia, to be entitled to a long service leave benefit you normally must accrue a minimum of 7 years service with a single employer. However, if you work on site in the construction industry, you may find yourself working with many employers over the same period. That’s why portable long service leave has been established by Government exclusively for construction industry workers.

MyLeave long service leave you to carry your long service leave benefits from employer to employer. So it doesn’t matter how many employers you’ve worked for, you can still enjoy the long service leave benefits you’re entitled to.

All you need to do is register.

Every three months employers advise MyLeave of how many days each worker has worked for them in the construction industry and pay a levy to MyLeave based on a percentage of the employees’ ordinary rate of pay.

MyLeave keeps a record of the days in the construction industry and the ordinary rate of pay for each employee registered with MyLeave.

Each worker can be credited with a maximum of 220 days per year towards their long service leave entitlement.

Does it cost anything to register?

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No, it does not cost workers to register with MyLeave.

Who can register?

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All those employed on site in the construction industry in these classifications of work.

I am employed and working under a visa. Can I join MyLeave?

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Yes, ensure you register with MyLeave by completing a Registration Application Form  (opens new window tab) and forwarding it to MyLeave.

How do I register?

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You may be automatically registered when an employer includes you on a quarterly statement made to MyLeave. If you are unsure, complete and submit an Registration Application Form(opens new window tab)

If it is found that you are not in a prescribed classification of work covered MyLeave you will be advised accordingly

What benefits does MyLeave offer?

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After accruing 10 years of service (2,200 service days) with MyLeave workers get 8 2/3 weeks paid long service leave with an additional 4 1/3 weeks leave for each additional 5 years of service after that. Pro rata (proportionate) leave of 6 weeks is available after only 7 years of service (1,540 service days). Pro rata long service leave can be taken with the approval of your employer. There are also other pro rata (proportionate) benefits.

How much do I get paid and who pays me?

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MyLeave pays you at your ordinary rate of pay averaged over your last 220 days of service in the construction industry.

If you are entitled to paid leave, ordinary pay means the rate of pay (disregarding any leave loading) to which you are entitled for leave (other than long service leave).

Please note that ordinary pay does not include annual leave loading but does include other amounts such as rental allowance, utilities allowance, living away from home allowance etc. – if these allowances are due to you when on paid leave.

If you are not entitled to paid leave (other than long service leave), your ordinary pay is the rate of pay to which you are entitled for ordinary hours of work. For instance, the ordinary rate for casuals will include casual loading, other applicable allowances, and may include weekend work.

Can I have my interstate service recognised?

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Following an agreement between similar long service leave schemes operating in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory; workers can have their interstate service recognised when qualifying for long service leave in Western Australia.

Can apprentices enjoy the benefits?

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Yes, your apprenticeship can count towards your long service leave.

When can I apply for long service leave?

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As a worker, once you have accumulated 2,200 service days (which is equivalent to 10 years of service), you are entitled to 8 2/3 weeks paid long service leave.

You can also request a pro rata (proportional) payout after 7 years of service (1,540 service days). MyLeave does not have any discretion in this matter and cannot pay out accumulated service for any reason if the minimum period of 1,540 days has not been achieved.

By claiming a pro rata payment on termination of employment you will break your service for long service leave purposes. This means that you must work a further 7 years in the construction industry before you once again qualify for any further benefit from MyLeave.

For the initial 10 years of long service leave entitlement (8 2/3 weeks) you can take leave on only 3 occasions and the minimum period of leave is 1 week.

If you move to another State, your WA service can count in that State towards a long service leave benefit.

You should allow a minimum period of 2 weeks for MyLeave to approve and process your claim.

How do I claim my leave?

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Just complete and submit the Application for Payment of Long Service Leave Form  (opens new window tab) to MyLeave. The form is in two parts. You should complete Part 1, and your employer should complete Part 2

Can I work after receiving a Long Service Leave payment from MyLeave?

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No, if you have applied to MyLeave to take leave then you are not able to work for your employer or any other employer. Penalties apply.

How will I get paid?

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Long service leave payments are paid by direct debit straight into your nominated bank account. Payments are made in one bulk payment and cannot be paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Page reviewed 24 August 2022