Pedestrians and skaters

Pedestrians form the largest, single road user group in WA because almost everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Every year, around 10 pedestrians lose their lives on WA roads.
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A pedestrian is a person on foot, on or in a toy vehicle, pushing a pram or wheelchair, in a pram, or in a motorised or non-motorised wheelchair which is not capable of travelling at a speed greater than 10km/h. The definition also applies to people who have alighted from a motor vehicle.

Pedestrian groups fall into three categories of increased risk:

  • children under 17 years,
  • seniors (60 years and older), and
  • intoxicated pedestrians.

Children can at times be unpredictable, are unable to judge the speed and distance of an oncoming vehicle and may not be able to see around cars parked on the side of the road. Parents and caregivers should discuss safe road use with their children and always accompany them around traffic.

Senior road users are high risk pedestrians because of changes in their mobility and deteriorating eyesight and hearing which makes it harder for them to judge distances and the speed of traffic.

Quizzes on pedestrian safety and other topics are available on our Get Streetwise website.

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Offences and penalties


Travel past a ‘no pedestrian’ sign$50
Pedestrian crossing on a red light at an intersection (jaywalking)$50
Fail to cross by the shortest safe route or stay on the carriageway longer than necessary to cross the carriageway$50
Start crossing intersection when signal shows red pedestrian light or red circular light$50
Alight or board vehicle moving more than 5km/h$50
Obstructing another pedestrian or a vehicle on a path or carriageway.$100

For offences and penalties related to drivers giving way to pedestrians, see red lights, intersections and pedestrian crossings.


Skateboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading or riding a kick scooter on roads with a speed limit of 80km/h and above$500
Skateboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading or riding a kick scooter on roads with a speed limit of 60km/h or 70km/h$50

Please refer to (Road Traffic Code 2000 r.206(1)) for more information.

Skateboarding on roads with a speed limit of 80km/h and above will cost you $500