Road Safety Research

Quality research is critical for understanding ongoing and emerging road safety issues and potential solutions.
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The Road Safety Commission is committed to developing evidence-based policy and identifying new and innovative solutions to achieve the road trauma reduction targets set out in the State Government's Road Safety Strategy, Driving Change 2020-2030. 

Increasing WA research capability and local applied research

In 2019, the State Government entered into a five-year, $4.6 million Funding Agreement with the University of Western Australia to establish the Western Australian Centre for Road Safety Research (WACRSR).

Under the Funding Agreement, the WACRSR develops Western Australia’s capability and capacity in road safety research. The WACRSR also conducts an annual program of planned research, and research that responds to emerging issues, that aims to advance knowledge and understanding of road safety issues and assist the Road Safety Commission’s implementation of priority areas under Driving Change 2020-2030.

The research program is developed by the Road Safety Commission and the WACRSR with the input of various road safety stakeholder agencies.

Sharing the findings

The Road Safety Commission often shares findings from commissioned research to share what was learnt. The following sections contain various publications derived from road safety research.


Contributing to national research efforts

The Road Safety Commission also regularly contributes to broader Australian road safety research efforts through its partnerships with groups, such as: