Salaries and Allowances Tribunal

We set remuneration for offices such as the Governor, Members of Parliament, judicial officers, senior public sector offices and Chief Executive Officers of Government Trading Enterprises.
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What we do

About the Tribunal

Establishment of the Tribunal

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal is established pursuant to section 5 of the Salaries and Allowances Act 1975 ("the Act").


The Act provides that the Tribunal must inquire into and determine or report on the remuneration to be paid or provided to:

  • Ministers of the Crown and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet
  • A Parliamentary Secretary appointed under section 44A of the Constitution Acts Amendment Act 1899
  • Officers and Members of the Parliament including additional remuneration to be paid or provided to members of committees of a House or joint committees of both Houses
  • Clerk of the Legislative Council or Clerk of the Legislative Assembly or the Deputy Clerk of either House
  • Officers of the Public Service holding offices included in the Special Division of the Public Service;
  • A person holding any other office of a full time nature, created or established under a law of the State that is prescribed for the purposes of this section, but not being an office the remuneration for which is determined by or under any industrial award or agreement made or in force under any other law of the State
  • Local Government CEOs and Elected Members
  • University Governing Board Members
  • Executive Officers from Government Trading Enterprises
  • Judges, District Court Judges, Masters of the Supreme Court and Magistrates, and the Parliamentary Inspector of the Corruption and Crime Commission.

In addition, the Tribunal has a statutory responsibility to undertake the following:

Vice-Regal Remuneration

The Premier shall, before an appointment is made to the office of Governor, request the Tribunal to inquire into, and determine, the remuneration to be paid to the Governor.

Parliamentary Superannuation

The Tribunal has responsibility for all matters relating to the level of benefits and scheme rules for the superannuation of Members of Parliament. The only constraints on the Tribunal’s powers are that it may not reduce a member’s accrued entitlements and that it must comply with any applicable Commonwealth legislation.

Entitlements of Former Premiers, Ministers and Members of Parliament

The Tribunal is required from time to time, to inquire into and determine the entitlements and benefits to be paid or provided to former Premiers of the State, former ministers of the Crown and former members of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council of the State.

Decision Making Functions

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal is an independent body with statutory responsibilities to inquire into and set remuneration for various senior public offices.

Public Participation

In respect to the inquiries that the Tribunal conducts under the various sections of the Act, the Tribunal regularly advertises its intention to conduct an inquiry and invites submissions from interested persons, parties and organisations.

Current inquiries 

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal is currently undertaking the following inquiries.

1) Special Division and Prescribed Officeholders

2) Members of Parliament including Member Allowances

3) Legislative Council reform and Members Allowances

Submissions can still be made on any matter or position under the Tribunals jurisdiction at any time.

Submissions are to be forwarded to the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal, Locked Bag 3002, West Perth WA 6872 or by email to 


All submissions are considered confidentially but please note the Tribunal is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and any information provided may be subject to disclosure. 

Tribunal Members

The Salaries and Allowances Act 1975 provides at section 5(2) for the Governor to appoint three members to the Tribunal for a three-year term and one of those members shall be appointed by the Governor as the Chair of the Tribunal.

Chair - Emeritus Professor Margaret Seares AO

Margaret Seares was appointed as Tribunal Chair on 25 February 2018.

Member - The Hon John Day

The Honorable John Day  was appointed to the Tribunal on 07 September 2021.

Fees and Allowances of Tribunal Members

In accordance with the Act, the fees and allowances of Tribunal Members are set from time to time by the Governor in Executive Council.

The current fees, as set in 2011, are as follows

  • Chairman - $47,294 per annum
  • Members - $31,214 per annum

Ministerial reporting

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