About the State Emergency Management Committee

Find out about our strategic, advisory role in emergency management​, and how we work.
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The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC), established under the Emergency Management Act 2005, is a standing committee that provides strategic advice to the Minister for Emergency Services.

The SEMC meets five times a year to:

  • consider strategic issues
  • make recommendations to the Minister
  • provide oversight and direction to the emergency management sector.

Primary responsibilities

  • Advising the Minister on emergency management and WA’s preparedness to combat emergencies.
  • Guiding and supporting public authorities, industry, business and the community to plan and prepare for efficient emergency management.
  • Providing a forum for community coordination to minimise the effects of emergencies.
  • Developing and coordinating risk management strategies to assess community vulnerability to emergencies.
  • Providing a forum to develop information systems to improve communications during emergencies.
  • Arranging for the preparation of emergency management policies and plans for WA.