State Emergency Management Committee strategic projects

We coordinate strategic projects to support emergency management in Western Australia.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) coordinates projects that enhance knowledge and understanding of risk and preparedness, and projects that improve emergency management capability and community resilience.

See below to find out about our current projects.

Community Disaster Resilience Strategy

This strategy is being developed to reduce the impact of disasters by increasing the capacity of communities to cope with, adapt to and recover from emergencies and disasters. We are engaging with the community and relevant organisations to help us develop the strategy. Find out more about the Community Disaster Resilience Strategy and have your say.

The LEMA Review

This is a project to review the Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA) in WA.

It is providing an important opportunity to ensure that local governments are actively represented in the review of local-level emergency management policy. ‚Äč

Find out more about the LEMA Review.

Page reviewed 14 September 2022