Emergency management plans

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) arranges for the preparation of emergency management plans for Western Australia.
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Under section 18 of the Emergency Management Act 2005, the SEMC is required to arrange for the ​preparation of emergency management plans as considered necessary.

The plans below support the emergency management arrangements for WA.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA) also support the arrangements.

For review schedules and details of amendments, see our amendments section. 

State Emergency Management Plan

​This plan documents the all-hazard emergency management arrangements in WA and identifies the roles and responsibilities of public authorities and other organisations that support these arrangements. 

State Support Plans

These plans document the functions and services that support emergency management arrangements across all hazards, for example, emergency public information, emergency relief and support, animal welfare and health support.

National emergency management plans

As outlined in the State Emergency Management Plan, Emergency Management Australia is responsible for managing a number of Australian Government emergency management plans. These plans provide an overview of how national, state, territory and local governments collectively approach the management of emergencies, including catastrophic emergencies. At the state level, WA’s State Emergency Coordinator is responsible for liaising with Emergency Management Australia during an emergency.

The Australian Government EM plans outline the principles, structures and procedures that support the coordination of EM in Australia and its offshore territories and the collaboration necessary to match the response and assistance required to the nature of the event. A number of different agencies are responsible for the national plans, including: