State Information Management

Good information management is a necessary element of good governance and integrity.
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Records of information are at the core of Western Australian government organisations. Records are assets which allow the government to function effectively. They provide evidence of actions taken and decisions made by government organisations and allow the government to account for its actions. Good records management is a necessary element of good governance and integrity.

The State Records Act 2000 governs the recordkeeping for all State and local government organisations in Western Australia. 

Under the Act a State record is defined as any record of information (in any form) created, received, or maintained by a government organisation or parliamentary department in the course of conducting its business activities.

State records may be in any format on which information can be stored, including paper, film, magnetic and optical media.

Recordkeeping Plans capture key information about processes and systems used by government organisations to manage records of information. These plans also set-out actions for the retention and eventual disposal or transfer of records to the State Archives.


A Glossary of Terms used in the State Records Commission and State Records Office Publications is available for use.


The State Records Office provides a consultative and advisory service to local and State government organisations throughout Western Australia. The SRO team aims to assist with best practice records and information management and compliance with recordkeeping standards. 

Local Government

For local government organisations, information can also be found on the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website under Local Government operational guidelines: a list of guidelines to help local governments. This includes information on the preparation of council agendas and minutes.

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