Victim Support Service

Is a voluntary and free service available to victims of crime.

The Victim Support Service is available at any court in Western Australia including the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court. The Victim Support Service is a voluntary and free service available to victims of crime.

Under the Victims of Crime Act 1994, victims are defined as:

  • people who suffer injury or loss as a direct result of an offence
  • any member of the immediate family where an offence results in the death of an individual.

Trained staff can assist with:

  • counselling and support
  • accessing services such as counselling, legal, medical and other relevant services
  • information on the status of police investigations
  • information about ongoing court matters and preparing for court and in court support
  • help to write a victim impact statement
  • help with enquiries about your rights in the criminal justice system, including criminal injuries compensation claims.


Victim Support Services
Level 2, District Court Building
500 Hay Street

Phone: +6 18 9425 2850 or 1800 818 988


Victim Support Service Brochure
When A Family Member or Friend is a Victim Brochure
What About Me? The Victim


Taking the Stand - This video will help explain how the court system works and what a witness can expect when they go to court.
Available on Vimeo (If you wish to view this video, contact Victim Support Service on 9425 2850.)
Page reviewed 7 December 2021