Changes to accredited courses

There are several changes to existing accredited courses that can occur during its accreditation period.
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Information about the possible changes that can occur to an accredited course during its period of accreditation is as follows:

Extension of accreditation

​​​​Courses are accredited for a specified period and have an expiry date. Extension of course accreditation may be granted in exceptional circumstances where it is not practical to apply for reaccreditation. Exceptional circumstances include situations where:

  • the accredited course is due to expire shortly before a transition from the accredited course to a training package qualification
  • there is a delay with training package endorsement
  • the accredited course is linked to a licence and the related legislation is under review and not expected to be finalised before the course expires

Extensions are granted for short periods, and usually not for more than 12 months. Applicants must clearly demonstrate the circumstances that warrant consideration and each application will be considered on its merits. Applications lodged after the expiry of the course will not be considered.

If an application for reaccreditation is lodged at least 3 months before the course expiry date, accreditation of the existing course continues automatically until the application is decided. There is no need to submit an application for extension of accreditation in this case.

The application form is available from this page, and related documents can be accessed from the Policies and​ Guidelines page.

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Amendments to courses

At times it may be necessary to amend a course during its accreditation period. Amending a course requires submission of an amendment application.​

If the amendment is only to update to a later version of an​ importe​d training package unit, where the new unit i​​s equivalent to the superseded unit, ​the amendment will be processed without the need for an application fee or external review.

Other amendments will be subject to an amendment application fee​ and reviewed to ensure continued compliance with the Standards for Accredited Courses.

Please note that changes significant enough to alter the original outcomes of a course are not considered amendments. ​If you wish to make changes of this nature, you will instead need to submit an application for course reaccreditation.​

Applications for amendment to a course must include the original, non-watermarked course documents with the proposed changes highlighted or tracked.

Please note that amending a course does not extend its period of accreditation. Amendment applications will not be accepted if the course is due to expire within three months.

Application forms are available from this page, and current course accreditation fees are available here.

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