Designing Registered Training Organisation Training and Assessment Strategies webinar

An RTOs Training and Assessment Strategy will detail the training product to which the strategy relates, the units to be delivered, the client group, mode of delivery, resources required, amount of training that will be provided and are informed by industry engagement.
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The Training and Accreditation Council (TAC) records its education program webinars that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can access to support compliance practices. The TAC Webinar Recordings and Resources page offers a comprehensive list of webinars currently available.

In this interactive YouTube webinar, you will be guided through the process of developing a strategy by using a detailed case study. You will see how the above information is used at each step of the development process to build a strategy that is appropriate for the client group. The workshop will also link the process of developing a training and assessment strategy to the Standards for RTOs to assist RTOs in understanding their obligations.

Presenter: Dr Russell Docking, (Published 8 March 2023)

Session length: 2 hours

Workshop handouts: Participant Handouts

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