Generative AI - The Potential and Pitfalls for VET webinar

This webinar explores the challenges presented by rapid technological advancements and adapting to them in the regulated VET landscape. It also discusses the potential and disadvantages of AI technology.
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This YouTube webinar explore Generative AI in the context of the VET sector including information on:

  • The rise of Generative AI;
  • How Generative AI can help you as an RTO;
  • What are the challenges of using AI technology in VET; and
  • Strategies to maximise potential and manage the pitfalls.

Presenter: Claire Werner (Published 9 June 2023)

Session length: 1 hour

Participant Handouts

This webinar forms part of the TAC Event 2023 recording. The TAC Event comprises of:

  • 00:19 - Welcome by Lisa Barron, A/Director Training Regulation
  • 02:05 - The Hon. Simone McGurk, Minister for Training; Water; Youth
  • 18:49 - Anne Driscoll, Chairperson Training Accreditation Council
  • 33:31 - Introduction to TAC Staff, Lisa Barron, A/Director Training Regulation
  • 36:05 - Workshop 1: Generative AI – The Potential and Pitfalls for VET
  • 1:23:08 - Workshop 2: Internal Audit for Continuous Improvement