Quality Reforms

To support the future growth and prosperity of our nation, the Australian, state and territory governments are committed to improving the VET system through quality reform.
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Revising the Standards for RTOs

The Standards are currently being revised with the aim of providing greater clarity for RTOs and VET regulators, strengthening the focus on quality outcomes for learners and employers, and allowing for more flexibility and innovation in training delivery.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides strong economic and social outcomes for Australians. All governments are working in partnership to improve the VET system through the Skills Reform Agenda

Forming part of the Skills Reform Agenda is the revision of the Standards of Registered Training Organisations 2015.  The objective of this revision is to enhance clarity for both RTOs and regulatory bodies, reinforce the emphasis on achieving excellent outcomes for learners and employers, and facilitate increased flexibility and innovation in the delivery of training.

October 2023: 

On 16 October 2023, the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) released a refined draft of the Standards. The Standards are now progressing to piloting phase ahead of their planned commencement on 1 January 2025.

A survey, developed by DEWR is now available:

Piloting the Draft Revised RTO Standards - Evidencing Survey

Input is sought from all RTOs on how they would demonstrate compliance with the Standards, drawing on existing quality practice.

In addition, DEWR will conduct external focus groups with RTOs to explore how compliance with the Standards would be evidenced across a range of RTO types. TAC and DEWR will facilitate this focus group session with interested TAC Regulated RTOs.

Development of the Draft Revised Standards for RTOs Paper

Background Consultation 

Public consultation of the draft revised Standards for RTOs was undertaken from November 2022 – January 2023. Approximately 900 people participated in online and face-to-face forums, and over 250 online submissions were received.

A summary of consultation findings is available from the Commonwealth Government’s Skills Reform website.

Pilot Program

The Training Accreditation Council is working with the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relation (DEWR) and VET Regulators, to progress the revised Standards.  The Pilot will inform any feedback on the revised Standards.

The Council’s Pilot Program is voluntary and the selection process will consider RTOs from different locations, size, scale and scope of operations.  This initiative is an excellent opportunity for RTOs to help shape their understanding and guide their transition to the revised Standards.  Taking part in the Pilot presents TAC Regulated RTOs with the opportunity to test, identify unknown impacts and develop strategies to address the requirements of the revised Standards. 

The Objectives of the Pilot Program are to:  

  • assist RTOs to understand and manage the changes required;
  • test the functionality of the Standards;
  • identify the range of evidence which could be used to demonstrate compliance; and
  • pinpoint areas where additional guidance may be needed.

Pilot Program Timeline:

The Pilot will run between mid October and mid December 2023.

The Pilot will consist of:

  • an RTO webinar prior to the start of the program to discuss the draft revised Standards, pilot program objectives, structure and timeframes;
  • The RTO will complete a self-assessment tool;
  • The self-assessment tool requires RTOs to consider how and what evidence could be provided to demonstrate compliance against performance criteria and provide feedback on the areas of focus of the revised Standards; and
  • A one on one evaluation session with a TAC Auditor and a TAC Secretariat staff member following completion of the self-assessment tool to discuss the outcomes of the self-assessment.

Expression of Interest: 

The Council is inviting TAC registered RTOs to apply to become part of the Pilot. RTOs who are interested are required to complete and submit an Expression of Interest form by  Expression of Interest form by 23 October 2023.

    Successful RTOs contacted:

    RTOs who form part of the Pilot Program will be advised of their successful application.   


    Early changes to the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

    At the 30 June 2023 Skills and Workforce Ministerial Council, Ministers discussed the potential for early changes to the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Possible changes to the Standards would include reflecting the updated Training and Education Package, and support growing the available VET workforce, with a final suite of amendments to be considered separately.

    Ministers also agreed to work together to strengthen the Fit and Proper Person Requirements to ensure integrity in the VET sector as part of the Quality Reform.  More information on the Changes to the Fit and Proper Person Requirements is available on the TAC website.

    Skills and Workforce Ministerial Council Communique – 30 June 2023


    Blueprint for the VET Workforce

    Development of a VET Workforce Blueprint (the Blueprint), announced as an outcome of the Jobs and Skills Summit, will ensure the long-term sustainability of the VET sector by supporting and growing a quality VET workforce. It will aim to identify effective strategies for VET workforce issues such as attraction, retention, career development and succession planning.

    More information on the Blueprint including the scope is available on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website