Snapshot of Compliance Trends

This snapshot provides a summary of compliance trends of Training Accreditation Council (TAC) regulated providers.
Last updated: 30 March 2023

This snapshot provides a summary of compliance trends of TAC regulated providers over three financial years. The target audience for this report are those RTOs regulated by TAC and it aims to support continuous improvement.

Audits are one of the tools TAC uses to monitor RTO performance against the Standards for RTOs and offer a point-in-time insight into the quality of training and assessment services being provided. During the reporting period, audits include multiple audit types and individual providers may be audited multiple times. If the outcome of the main audit is that the training organisation is non-compliant, they are provided with an evidence review period of 20 working days to address outstanding issues.

Compliance outcomes of RTOs at main audit has improved over time from 44% in 2019/2020 to 55% in 2020/2021 and then to 63% in 2021/2022. For an RTO to continue to operate, non-compliances must be resolved. For more information on the audit process, please refer to the Training Accreditation Council Audits page

The increase in compliance outcomes could be attributed in part to strong RTO engagement with the TAC Education Program and guidance materials since 2019/2020 which has seen a 143% increase in participation since 2019/2020.

Compliance of Clause 1.8 in 2021/2022 decreased by 5% compared to 2020/2021 and demonstrates why assessment systems and practices continue to be an area of focus for the Council in its regulatory activity and in TAC education programs.

Compliance at Clause Level and the TAC Education Program

The Clause level data in this snapshot is derived from the number of times the Clause was audited during the reporting period. 


The information presented in this snapshot should be read in conjunction with information about the TAC audit process and regulatory approach.

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Clauses identified in this snapshot are the focus of TAC's Regulatory Strategy and Education Program, including guidance materials. For easy reference, the Clauses are summarised below:

  • Clause 1.1 - RTOs have training and assessment strategies that are consistent with training package requirements.
  • Clause 1.2 - The amount of training for learners is determined based on learners' skills and experience.
  • Clause 1.3 - RTOs have sufficient trainers, support services, resources and facilities when delivering training.
  • Clause 1.8 - RTOs have an assessment system that complies with training product requirements.
  • Clause 1.13 - RTOs have trainers and assessors with vocational competencies, industry skills and knowledge in VET.

For access to the full set of the Standards for RTOs, please refer to: Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

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