Understanding Training Packages webinar

This webinar explores the components of a training package and how to interpret them, covering key topics including information on qualifications and how they are specified, units of competency and what they include, guidance on the use of training packages, accredited courses, transition and scope.
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A training package is a set of nationally endorsed standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people's skills in a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise. They define the competencies required by different occupations and industries and describe how these competencies may be packaged into nationally recognised and portable qualifications that comply with the AQF.

In this YouTube webinar, you will explore the components of a training package, specifically looking at:

  • Qualifications and how they are specified;
  • Units of competency and what they include;
  • Guidance to support the use of training packages;
  • Accredited courses; and
  • Transition and scope.

Presenter: Dr Russell Docking (Published 3 December 2021)

Session length: 2 hours

Webinar handout: Participant Handouts

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