Australind Jetty

The McGowan Government has committed $3 million to the rebuild of the jetty so this tourist attraction can once again be enjoyed by the local community.
Image of Australind Jetty


The Australind Jetty, formally known as Laporte’s Boardwalk/Jetty, was named after a former British company, La Porte Industries, and established as part of a titanium extraction plant in Australind in the 1960s. The jetty extends about a kilometre into the Leschenault Estuary and was originally built for a pipeline which no longer exists. Since the closure of the titanium extraction plant, the jetty has become popular for walking and fishing, and is a local tourist attraction.

Due to the Australind Jetty’s age and deteriorating condition, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department) engaged consulting engineers to inspect the below-water and above-water structures and report on the condition. The report found significant structural concerns and the jetty was subsequently deemed unsafe. In the interest of community safety, the department made the difficult decision to close the jetty.

The McGowan Government committed $3 million to the rebuild of the jetty with the funds to be allocated in 2022–23. 

The department will liaise with the Shire of Harvey in the jetty’s design and rebuild.

What is happening now?

The department has enlisted the help of the Department of Transport to assist in the design, procurement and rebuild of the Australind Jetty and all agencies are busily preparing for works to start in 2022–23.

More information

The department will update this page as more information comes to hand. Please continue to check this webpage for updates as the project progresses.

Page reviewed 17 August 2022