Consultation: Climate change in Western Australia

In September 2019, the Government of Western Australia commenced a 12-week public consultation period to seek feedback on climate change issues and opportunities for the state outlined in the Climate change in Western Australia – Issues paper.
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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation received 3,758 submissions on the issues paper, from a range of stakeholders, including private citizens, local government, non-government organisations and peak industry bodies. The majority of submissions (87%) stemmed from campaigns using template responses and were largely submitted by private citizens.

Consultation summary

A consultation summary report has been prepared outlining the key themes which emerged from the consultation process. The Western Australian Climate Policy was released on 30 November 2020.


Where necessary, stakeholder submissions have been edited to remove identifying information about individuals and/or crude or abusive language. Some respondents requested to remain anonymous or to withhold their submission from being published. Submissions have otherwise been published in full.

Submissions were received in three formats: pro forma submissions, emailed submissions and online submissions. Please read the brief description under the headings below for tips on how to locate your submission, or to find a submission of interest.

Pro Forma Submissions

A majority of submissions were received from individuals via interest group campaigns. The summary documents below describes the content of each campaign, how many individuals were involved, and their names. Where individuals have edited the pro forma submission a table has been included listing these changes.

Emailed Submissions

To access emailed submissions please click on the relevant grouping below. A zip file (collection of compressed files) will be downloaded that contains all submissions for that grouping. Submissions are categorised by first name.

Please note that depending on your computer's software the zip file either needs to be manually decompressed, or will decompress automatically.

Online Submissions

Access the submissions made through the online Citizen Space consultation portal.