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Last updated: 15 May 2023
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August 2022

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is delighted to announce that Environment Online Release 1 is now live.

This is a landmark moment for water and environmental regulation in Western Australia and a significant step forward for the digital delivery of Government services in Western Australia.

Environment Online will facilitate more robust, data-informed decision making and more streamlined processes for environmental and water regulation across the state.

Release 1 focuses on delivering information and services to support environmental impact assessment activities under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Importantly, it also delivers a foundational platform that will be built on in future releases and allows for integration with a wide range of information, geospatial, financial and identity management systems.

The full functionality of the program is planned for completion in 2024.

A comprehensive Go-live campaign and Get Started Guide are available to assist with your transition into Environment online and include details of the full range of support services available.

What is it? 

Environment Online will be a single online platform bringing together all aspects of water and environmental assessments, approvals and compliance. 

This one-stop-shop will allow users to submit, monitor and review submissions and approvals related to native vegetation clearing, industry licences, water licences and permits, waste, and environmental impact assessments.

Consolidating these functions into one easy-to-use, digital location will shorten turnaround times and ensure quicker assessment processes for joint State and Australian Government projects, helping to create jobs and support the economy. 


Environment Online will offer:

  • a dashboard for users to submit and track the status of applications, comments and activities; send and receive correspondence; notify incidents; and pay and manage fees 
  • the ability to login anytime, anywhere on mobile devices
  • a user profile storing all related information
  • modern case management in one platform 
  • transparent data and knowledge sharing for all users
  • consolidation of current Geographic Information System (GIS) data  
  • ‘chatbots’ for responsive customer service.

Access and training

Users will access the platform via a separate URL or through the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation or EPA websites. 

Environment Online is being developed as an intuitive, user-friendly platform. 

Training and support will be available via self-serve guides, videos and online support. More information will be available as the roll out progresses.

Partnership with other agencies

Environment Online is one of several initiatives to enhance partnerships and working relationships between State Government agencies and the Australian Government. Other reforms include: