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Environment Online is a digital platform that will ultimately provide a single gateway for water and environmental regulatory activities, automated case management, and an integrated data management system.

It will ensure robust, data-informed decision-making and enable more streamlined processes for environmental and water regulation across the state.

The platform has been designed to be iterative and evolving, with a focus on optimisation, working on core regulatory capabilities, and reviewing the functionality to be built in future releases.

Environment Online is a key enabler of the State Government’s overhaul of Western Australia’s environmental approval systems.

Benefits of Environment Online upon completion

Environment Online key outcomes and benefits include:

  • a high-quality, efficient online experience with fewer administrative activities
  • a reduction in approval timeframes through better applications, faster processing and assessment
  • access to better data for higher-quality decision-making
  • greater across-government collaboration, and greater collaboration between industry and government.

Ultimately, Environment Online aims to unlock the economic stimulus that large-scale project approvals can generate, and to ensure this happens in an ethical, sustainable and manageable way that protects the environment for present and future generations.​

Partnerships with other agencies

Environment Online is one of several initiatives to enhance partnerships and working relationships between State Government agencies and the Australian Government. Other reforms include:

Support and training

If you require assistance, or need help to register for or log into the portal, you can access the Environment Online Support Team via eosupport@dwer.wa.gov.au or 1800 161 176 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday).

Training and support is available via self-serve guides, videos and online support on Environment Online.

Latest news and events

22 March 2024 – Major release for Environment Online 

Environment Online reached another significant milestone with a major release introducing a new login and identity management solution, native vegetation clearing permit functionality and a range of enhancements. 

Login and access management 

One of the key changes is the inclusion of an additional way to log in to Environment Online. Employees within organisations using Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory) can now log in using their Microsoft Work Account as an alternative to the existing Digital Identity via myGovID and WA Relationship Authorisation Manager login method. 

Once an organisation has been set up, they will have full control over adding and removing users using their own Microsoft Active Directory. 

To use this new login method, your organisation's IT administrator will need to set up and authorise access to use Microsoft Work Accounts. For more information on this process, please refer to the Representing an entity guide and Authorisation form. 

Native vegetation functionality 

The ability to apply for and track native vegetation clearing permit applications has also been added to Environment Online with this release. 

It provides a streamlined process with an updated, fully digitised native vegetation clearing permit form [NV F01], the ability to apply to amend, transfer and surrender clearing permits as well as a dashboard to track and view associated records. 

The following native vegetation clearing permit forms can now be uploaded through Environment Online, these include: 

  • NV-F04 Application for an amendment (Form C4) 
  • NV-F05 Notification of transfer (Form C5) 
  • NV-F06 Application for surrender (Form C6) 

Additional enhancements

A range of enhancements have also been added to the existing functionality of Environment Online with this release. 

Stakeholders can now upload documents when preparing an environmental scope following a level of assessment determination and can enter industry details on existing environmental impact assessment applications. 

For Environmental Protection Authority applications, mapping and GIS functionality has also been significantly enhanced and updated. 


For more information and guides, visit Environment Online.

Anyone requiring assistance registering or logging in to the portal can access the Environment Online Support Team via eosupport@dwer.wa.gov.au or 1800 161 176 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday). 

27 November 2023 – Major program of work commences 

Following on from the successful Data Migration Release at the start of October 2023, Environment Online has entered an exciting new phase with the commencement of a major program of work. This will see ongoing improvements to the existing system, significant new functionality and planning to inform future regulatory functions to be brought into the system.

The work streams include:

  • Login and access management – implementing alternative identity and access management solutions that offer an enhanced and simplified user experience, while still providing the same level of security and governance.
  • Planning for the next regulatory service – examining options for the next regulatory service to be brought into Environment Online.
  • One stop shop – developing and implementing functionality to enable stakeholders to determine what regulatory approvals they require, and the ability to submit applications via the Environment Online portal.
  • Geospatial – improving the ability to capture, store and present geospatial data as well as enhance the user experience through updated mapping and richer map layers, icons and overlays.

Work has commenced on these streams and there will be increased opportunities for engagement, communication and co-design with stakeholders as work progresses.

We remain absolutely committed to working with you to ensure that what we deliver, meets your needs, as well as ours. 

23 November 2023 – Data migration successful

The planned migration of data from all Environmental Protection Authority systems, including all current proposals under referral and assessment, as well as historical data, was successfully deployed over the weekend.

The data migration brings together more than 30 years of data into Environment Online and begins the journey in creating the most comprehensive view of a project to date. It offers significant benefits to proponents in having data in one location, which allows you to manage referrals, receive live status updates, and track proposals in real time.

Following the data migration, there may be some anomalies in how data is displayed; however, we assure you it will not impact the quality of our assessment processes.

Some proponents may also receive email notifications regarding the status of their applications.

If you believe the status of your applications has been changed incorrectly, or need assistance registering for Environment Online, please contact the Environment Online Support Team via eosupport@dwer.wa.gov.au or 1800 161 176 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday).