Managing climate risk in the public sector

Climate change risk management guide (interim)
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The Western Australian Climate Policy commits to developing a Climate Risk Framework to support the Government to monitor, assess, and report on the implications of climate change on the State’s finances, infrastructure, physical assets, and service delivery. The Climate Risk Framework is currently being developed by the Department of Treasury and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

A Climate Change Risk Management Guide (interim) has been developed to provide practical guidance for Western Australian public sector agencies to assess and manage physical climate change risks.

The Guide supports agencies to conduct first-pass climate risk assessments of their physical climate risks, including identification of treatment options to enhance resilience.

The content in this document has been partly or wholly reproduced from the Climate risk ready NSW guide – Practical guidance for the NSW Government sector to assess and manage climate change risks, published by the State of New South Wales through the Department of Planning and Environment, March 2021. The Western Australian Government wishes to thank the NSW Government for its ongoing collaboration and assistance.