Unlawful clearing of native vegetation

You can report suspected unlawful clearing of native vegetation to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation administers the clearing provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) and its subsidiary legislation. We investigate reports of unlawful clearing of native vegetation under the EP Act.

You need a permit to clear native vegetation in Western Australia, unless you either have an exemption or we determined you did not need one during the clearing referral process.

You can find out more about clearing permits, available exemptions and view our Clearing Permit System (CPS). Our CPS is publicly accessible and provides information on new applications and previous decisions.

You can search our CPS by permit holder name, street name and location to find out if any clearing you observe is authorised.

If you suspect unlawful clearing of native vegetation, please make a report using the online form below or call our Environment Watch hotline on 1300 784 782.

When you submit a report, you will receive a response from us acknowledging your submission. We may contact you for further information or to discuss your report. Personal information will be dealt with in accordance with the applicable legislation in Western Australia and be consistent with any legal obligation. Please note you may remain anonymous.