Western Australian Climate Change Policy

The Western Australian Climate Policy sets out the State Government’s plan for a climate-resilient community and a prosperous low-carbon future.
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The policy underscores our commitment to adapting to climate change and to working with all sectors of the economy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

This policy looks beyond business-as-usual measures to highlight the significant actions that we are taking in collaboration with industry and the community to boost our economy, prepare for climate change and achieve our aspiration of net zero emissions by 2050.

The Western Australian Climate Policy outlines the priority themes (below) and practical actions the State Government is taking to enhance climate resilience and support the low carbon transition. 

  • Clean manufacturing and future industries 
  • Transforming energy generation and use
  • Storing carbon and caring for our landscapes 
  • Lower-carbon transport 
  • Resilient cities and regions
  • Government leadership


To support the development of the policy the State Government undertook 12 weeks of public consultation (September to November 2019) to seek feedback on climate change issues and opportunities outlined in the Climate change in Western Australia – Issues paper. A consultation summary report and a log of published submissions is available here.

Programs and Initiatives 

The following sections provide more information on climate change initiatives and programs being led by the State Government. 

Low carbon transition 

Clean Energy Future Fund

Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy 

Building WA's climate resilient future 

Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategy 

Visit this website for periodic updates on progress towards policy outcomes, or to access useful resources currently in development. 

In 2021 several additional sections will be added to the website, including: 

  • Climate science – A program is underway to update climate change projections for Western Australia 
  • Understand climate change – Information for the public on what contributes to our changing climate
  • Useful resources – Links to useful resources from Australia and internationally that could support our responses to climate change. 

Government leadership

The State Government is committed to working with all sectors of the economy, including industry and research organisations, to transition to net zero emissions and actively manage climate risks. Several measures in the policy demonstrate the State Government’s leadership on addressing climate change, these include:

  • Developing sectoral emissions reduction strategies to guide cost-effective emissions reductions across key economic sectors.
  • Requiring the development of net zero emissions transition plans for government agencies and government trading enterprises (GTEs).
  • Actively managing a range of climate risks, from threats to our water security to the health effects of climate change, which are the focus of the Climate Health WA Inquiry.
  • Adopting a new climate risk framework to manage climate impacts for our assets and operations, minimising risks of service disruption and costs to taxpayers.
  • Investing in climate science to ensure informed risk assessment and good adaptation planning.

Refer to the Western Australian Climate Policy for more information on these initiatives.

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