What is Environment Online?

Its key benefits and features

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is developing a new digital one-stop-shop for environmental assessments, approvals and compliance, called Environment Online.

The platform will be accessed by industry, developers, government officers, consultants, external partners and the Western Australian community.

It will be the future home for all of the department’s environmental assessments, allowing users to apply, submit, monitor and review submissions and approvals related to native vegetation clearing, industry licences, water licences and permits and waste, as well as Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) environmental impact assessments.

Environment Online will consolidate water and environmental regulatory processes into one straightforward and simple-to-use online platform.

It will improve the transparency, certainty and consistency of environmental approvals and provide a quality experience for staff, industry and customers.

Supported by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ (DBCA) Biodiversity Information Office (BIO), Environment Online will also store, curate and make available a range of data useful for applications and effective decision-making.


Environment Online will be designed for easy use resulting in user cost and time savings.

Benefits will include:

  • faster and more consistent environmental assessments
  • a single online portal for all environmental assessments under DWER 
  • easy integration of case and customer relationship management, GIS data and information, advanced data analytics, workflow management, smart forms and mobility services
  • removal of ‘information silos’ – providing centralised and connected information from multiple systems in ‘real time’
  • easier use for industry and environmental assessment officers, reducing duplication and costs and assisting decision-making
  • more efficient self-service use, decreasing internal administration and speeding up overall turnaround times
  • cost savings from reduced assessment times, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars each year for proponents and the State Government
  • efficient joint State and Australian Government approval process timeframes for major projects

Special features?

Environment Online will offer:

  • a customer dashboard where users can submit and track the status of applications and activities, send and receive correspondence, notify incidents, and pay and manage fees.
  • the ability to login anytime, anywhere, on any computer or smart device including mobiles, allowing for remote use and when in the field.
  • smart forms with pre-fill capacity to save time.
  • a user profile storing all related information, interactions, incidents, applications, assessments and decisions.
  • modern case management on one platform instead of functions spread across different systems and departments.
  • Data and knowledge sharing between DWER and other agencies including Landgate, the Departments of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety; and Planning, Lands and Heritage; DBCA and Geoscience Australia.
  • consolidation of current GIS data into the central system, enabling seamless access to the GIS data sets currently in disparate sources.
  • ‘push notifications’ for faster and more efficient communication between system users, such as requesting further information or status of a live application.
  • artificial Intelligence functions including chatbots for responsive customer service
  • ‘real-time’ data analysis, allowing portal users to generate reports, graphs and other infographics from the single source of information.

If you would like more information, please contact environment.online@dwer.wa.gov.au.


Watch the Environment Online video (has no sound).


Page reviewed 4 November 2020