Litter reporting FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about making a litter report.
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What happens when I register as a litter reporter?

You can help keep Western Australia beautiful by reporting positive sightings of litter offences involving vehicles.

Offences can be reported to KABC by filling out an online report.

What information do I need to collect to submit a successful report?

The following details are vital for a successful report:

  1. Vehicle licence plate, make/model, colour
  2. Whether the offender was the driver or passenger
  3. The offender’s gender
  4. The location of the offence (street and suburb)
  5. Time and date
  6. Type of litter
  7. Other information can also be extremely useful such as an accurate description of the offender’s appearance, any distinguishing vehicle features, or other important information surrounding the alleged offence.

When your report has the right information, it is more likely to lead to a successful infringement notice.

Take a look at the sample reports below to help you make a good report. If you have any questions, please call us on (08) 6364 6641.

Good report for general littering

Good report for a littered lit cigarette

Insufficient report for general littering

Insufficient report for a littered lit cigarette

What is done with the report?

After a successful verification of the vehicle’s licence plate with the Department of Transport's records we proceed with issuing a littering infringement notice to the registered owner of the vehicle.

You can read more about the litter reporting process below.

process of litter reporting from offence to infringement notice

How long do I have to submit my report after the offence?

Preferably, reports should be submitted within one week of the offence. Offences that occurred longer than 28 days ago can not be reported.

What kinds of littering can I report?

Unsecure and uncovered loads – It is an offence to transport a load that is not contained, fastened or secured properly. If litter escapes from a trailer, truck, or utility, it constitutes littering. Penalty: $200  

Careless cigarette butt disposal – Disposal of cigarette butts contravenes the Litter Act, the Road Traffic Code, and the Bushfire Act. Penalty: $200, (this does NOT include ash)

Discarding general litter – Failure to dispose of rubbish correctly in streets, parks, or on the roadside. Penalty: $200, (this DOES include organic matter like apple cores and banana skins)

Dangerous litter – Broken glass, metal, a lit cigarette butt and earthenware deliberately left in a dangerous location is an offence. Penalty: $500

Illegal dumping – It is an offence to abandon any waste in a publicly accessible area without the consent of the person who controls and manages the area. Penalty: Up to $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations. Read more about illegal dumping.

Can I report littering that occurs in car parks and other private property?

Any littering that occurs in areas frequented by the public, such as shopping centre car parks, can be reported.

Can I report offences that occurred outside of Western Australia?

No. Keep Australia Beautiful (WA) operates under Western Australian law and does not have jurisdiction in other states.

If you want to report an offence outside of WA, check with your state government, or contact your local council.

Can I report junk mail deliveries?

If you don’t want to receive advertising material, the first step you need to take is to attach a sign to your letter box such as ‘no advertising material’, ‘no junk mail’, ‘circulars only’.

If advertising material is placed in your letterbox when you have one of these signs, you can contact the Distribution Standards Board via their website or call 1 800 676 136 (also see fact sheet). 

You can also contact the delivery company directly and ask for your location to be removed from their delivery list. 

Order your free 'no junk mail' sticker - one per household.

How can I report my change of address?

You can change your address details in the Litter Report Portal.

If you are a reporter still using physical report cards, please email us at

I still use the physical report cards to report litter. How can I change my details?

If you are a reporter still using physical report cards and you need to update your contact details, retrieve your Litter Report Number, or request more cards, please email us at