Repay the first home owner grant

Repay the first home owner grant if you have failed to meet the eligibility and residence requirements.
Last updated: 21 October 2022

If you don't meet the eligibility or residence requirements, you may need to repay the grant and pay any additional duty.

Contact us if you want to repay the grant but haven't received an assessment notice.

Apply for a payment arrangement to extend the time for payment or to pay by instalments.

  • Interest payable at the prescribed rate will be charged under such an arrangement.
  • Late payment penalties will apply to an extension of time if the application was made after the due date for payment.

See the Payment Arrangements revenue ruling for more information.

To complete this application, you may need to provide

  • assessment advice
  • invoice or notice issued by RevenueWA
  • income and expenditure for the taxpayers that are responsible for payment of the liability
  • copies of bank statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and any supporting financial documents for the last two years
  • projection of cash flow on a month-by-month basis that covers the period of the instalment proposal