Economics for Procurement and Project Management

Workshop: This will provide WA Public Sector employees with an understanding of economics factors that affect WA government projects and procurements.
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This workshop includes a contemporary analysis of economic factors affecting WA government projects and procurements. The training is provided by the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC).

Who is this training suitable for?

Procurement personnel and project managers that are a part of the WA State Government or WA Local Government.

You will learn

You will build awareness of macroeconomic forces likely to be impacting the WA economy.

Aimed at providing key decision makers market insights to support their project planning and negotiation outcomes.

Upcoming sessions

Topic: Economics - Impact of net zero emissions target 

Description of session: WATC explores the opportunities and challenges presented to WA as the global transition to net zero emissions is implemented.

•    Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2024
•    Duration: 1 hour (virtual session)
•    Register Online

If a session is full or you cannot attend the training on this date, please register your interest through our EOI form.

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