Introduction to foreign exchange training

Workshop: This will provide WA Public Sector employees with an understanding of foreign exchange in the procurement context.
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This workshop provides an overview of the foreign exchange market, an introduction to basic conventions and terminology, the impact of FX risk in the procurement process and discusses the role of Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) in assisting agencies.

Who is this training suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for WA Public Sector employees involved in procurement processes including contract management, with varying degrees of experience and knowledge.

You will learn

You will gain knowledge of foreign exchange to support a successful procurement process including:

  • Who WATC is
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Fundamentals of foreign exchange
  • Foreign exchange market concepts
  • Why foreign exchange risk matters within procurement
  • Identifying foreign exchange exposures
  • Evaluation impacts
  • Managing foreign exchange risk within procurement and contract management

Upcoming sessions

Please note that this training is provided by the Department of Finance and funded for state public sector employees and Government Trading Enterprises. However, we encourage those in local government to submit an expression of interest. This will form a waitlist for sessions that have low enrolments, we will contact you when places become available.

If a session is full or you cannot attend the training on this date, please register your interest through our EOI form.

For more information, please contact