Supplying non-residential building and construction works to the Department of Finance training

If you are a business who is interested in directly tendering for non-residential building construction, this training module will provide information to help you understand the tendering process
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If you are a business who is involved in, or would like to be involved in, tendering for government non-residential building construction, this seminar will provide information to help you understand the tendering process, including how tendering applications are evaluated and how prequalification is assessed. 

This seminar is designed for building contractors involved in the construction or alteration of non-residential structures such as schools, prisons and hospitals. This seminar is not for businesses who provide maintenance or consultancy services for non-residential buildings. If you are looking to provide goods and services or community services to government, we offer training for community service providers and training for supplying goods and services for government

You will learn:

By engaging in this experience, learners will be supported to:

  • Apply common terms and phrases relating to Government procurement
  • Identify the key policies and processes involved
  • Describe the various methods by which Government may be engaged
  • Explain tendering documentation such as Requests, including the key things they should read/note and respond to
  • Discuss ways they can actively look for opportunities and set themselves up for success.

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