Builders Prequalification Scheme - Department of Finance

Prequalify to be eligible to bid for non-residential construction contracts valued over $500,000.

Information and forms relating to the Department of Finance’s Builders Prequalification Scheme.  These documents apply to both new contractors and existing contractors looking to renew their prequalification.

Builders Prequalification Scheme terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions to qualify for non-residential construction projects valued over $500,000 managed by the Department of Finance.

This document details how the Builders Prequalification Scheme operates, including:

  • prequalification levels
  • prequalification minimum criteria
  • prequalification terms and conditions
  • spot checks of subcontractor payment performance
  • the Aboriginal and regional building contractor project specific upgrade program
  • the application and evaluation process
  • annual financial review requirements
  • suspension, cancellation or change of prequalification level or status
  • appeals

Builders Prequalification Scheme application form

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Apply to become a prequalified contractor or renew your prequalification

An editable form for contractors to complete when applying for or renewing prequalification with the Department of Finance.

Aboriginal and regional contractors project specific upgrade program application form

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Application form to qualify to tender for a specific Department of Finance contract

The Aboriginal and regional contractors project specific upgrade program is designed to increase opportunities for Aboriginal and regional contractors to work on Department of Finance construction contracts.

Refer to the Department of Finance Builders Prequalification Scheme terms and conditions document for information on how the scheme works and eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application. 

Page reviewed 14 November 2019