Pay a criminal code final demand notice

Pay your criminal code final demand notice by post, in person or online.
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If you do not pay your criminal code fine within 28 days you will receive a final demand notice with additional costs. Payment is not considered an admission for any civil or criminal court case and the fine does not have to be declared on your criminal history. 

If the final demand is not paid within the required time, it will be recorded by the Fines Enforcement Registry. This involves even more costs and possible suspension of your vehicle and driver’s licences.

You have 28 days from the final demand notice's date of issue to pay the full amount:  

  • in person at any Australia Post location
  • by mailing a cheque or money order to:

          Commissioner of Police
          Payments Processing
          2 Adelaide Terrace
          East Perth WA 6004

  • online using Visa or Mastercard

If paying online, you will also need the reference number on the bottom left of your fine.