Access the Local Government Authority Boundaries dataset

For legal purposes, the extents of Local Government Authorities (LGA) are determined by technical description and are published in the Government Gazette.
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This dataset should not be used or referred to for legal purposes. Redescription or partial redescription can be gazetted at any time, but changes that affect multiple LGA definitions generally come into effect on the 1st of July following the gazettal. If the LGA change does not affect another LGA, the change can, and generally does take place at the time of Government gazettal publication.

Amendments or changes to the Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) are formalised at the time specified in the gazettal notice. LGA boundaries do coincide with ward boundaries (where ward systems exist). LGA’s often, but do not have to, coincide with postal localities as they are datasets that are independent of one another.

For Local Government Areas that include "islands adjacent": this dataset depicts a generalised offshore polygon to encompass islands within a Local Government jurisdiction and does not imply Local Government jurisdiction over the water. For legal definition regarding any Local Government Area, Government Gazette publications should be referred to.

Names in the SCDB are limited to 32 characters, and where names are longer than 32 characters, they are shown abbreviated.

Access to this resource requires a SLIP account, and may involve a charge to access the data, or be restricted to pre-approved users.