Management of Salinity Audit

Assessment of salinity management in agricultural areas of the South West of Western Australia.
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The Office of the Auditor General conducted the management of salinity audit in 2018. This audit assessed salinity management in agricultural areas of the South West of Western Australia.

The audit focused on two lines of inquiry:

  1. Are agencies aware of the extent and impact of dryland salinity in the agricultural regions of the South West?
  2. Are efforts to mitigate the effects of dryland salinity in South West agricultural regions succeeding?

The report’s key findings, agency responses and recommendations are available on the Office of Auditor General website, however it made several recommendations focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of dryland salinity.

In response to the audit, the State Government commissioned the New direction for salinity management in Western Australia: a consultative review. This is an independent review developed in consultation with key stakeholder groups and government agencies that expands on the Office of the Auditor General's recommendations and sets a new agenda for dryland salinity management in Western Australia.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is the lead agency for dryland salinity management and investigations in Western Australia. More information can be viewed on their website.

Our department continues to manage stream salinity through the administration of the Country Areas Water Supply Act 1947 Part IIA clearing controls. We also operate an extensive surface water monitoring network where data on Western Australia's water resources is collected and can be downloaded.