Water information reporting

Data on Western Australia's water resources collected by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
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Water Information Reporting tool

We monitor surface water and groundwater to collect data on the quality and quantity of our state's water resources to ensure they are properly maintained.

Information collected from these monitoring programs is available from the Water Information Reporting tool, free of charge. 

This map-based system allows you to select sites of interest and find associated data that includes:

  • borehole information
  • water quality measurements
  • surface water levels and flow
  • groundwater levels
  • rainfall.

The application is easy to use but does contain complex scientific datasets. You are strongly encouraged to read the explanatory notes to understand the data and its limitations. 

For best use of the system, please view the reference information, including the user guide and frequently asked questions.

Since the Water Information Reporting tool was launched, requests from industry have multiplied and average turnaround times for providing this information have been reduced from ten days to less than five minutes.

Access the Water Information Reporting tool