Strategies to rebalance Gnangara - Exciting finds in science

The Perth regional confined aquifer capacity study looks at the way we take and use water from Gnangara.
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One of the goals of our $7 million Perth region confined aquifer capacity study – Studying Perth’s deep aquifers to improve groundwater management – was to see whether we could optimise the way we take and use water from the Gnangara system, including new locations to draw water from deep aquifers that have less impact on the system.

The study used robust and established science, coupled with innovative research, to improve our understanding of the deep Leederville and Yarragadee aquifers in the Perth region. Recommendations from the study that supported our allocation planning for the Gnangara system included:

  • reduce the volume of deep aquifer groundwater abstraction over time in targeted locations – this will contribute significantly to rebalancing the Gnangara groundwater system
  • focus the abstraction reductions in parts of the deep aquifers near where they are connected to the Superficial aquifer.

We used the findings of the study to guide the development of Water Corporation’s groundwater replenishment scheme which involves treated wastewater being further treated to drinking water standard and then recharged into aquifers for later use as public water supply. The study helped determine suitable locations for recharge and abstraction that support full recovery of the volume of water being recharged and provide improved water resource and environmental outcomes.