Securing the future of Gnangara groundwater

All water users have a part to play in adapting groundwater use to the drying climate. We can all contribute by rethinking how we use, manage and interact with water in our homes and businesses.
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To maintain groundwater as a viable resource for ongoing use and other public and environmental benefits, we need to stabilise groundwater levels and enable some key areas to recover. The Gnangara groundwater allocation plan sets how much groundwater use will reduce over the next 10 years to rebalance the system and recover important ecological sites.

To help achieve a better balance, some local governments and businesses are already investing in water-efficient technology, investigating managed aquifer recharge and applying water sensitive urban design.

New urban developments can also be an opportunity to promote alternative, local water supply solutions that are fit for purpose, especially for the irrigation of public open space.

All water users will need to consider options like these and use water more efficiently to adjust to reduced groundwater availability.

Strategies to rebalance Gnangara