Apply for a private, commercial or community jetty licence

Find out how to license a jetty in WA.
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Any structure in, on, over or connected fully or in part to any water that may be used for the purpose of launching or landing a vessel must be licensed with the Department of Transport.

Examples of structures that need to be licensed include:

  • jetty or pier
  • wharf or quay
  • grid or slip
  • landing place, stage, ramp or platform.

Licensing your jetty or structure ensures that it meets safety standards and does not interfere with waterway navigation.

What kind of licence do I need?

Jetty licences are issued based on what the jetty will be used for:

  • private jetty is a structure that is only used for domestic and recreational use
  • commercial jetty is a structure that is used for any commercial activity
  • community jetty is a structure that is owned by a local government authority and used by the public.

The type of licence of you need will depend on whether the jetty already exists or needs to be constructed.

Construction work on new jetties must not start until the licence has been granted.