Report fish kills, aquatic pests and diseases

You can play an important part in aquatic biosecurity by reporting anything unusual you have seen or found, including a fish kill, which can be a sign of disease.
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Aquatic pests and diseases can pose economic, social, cultural, human health and environmental impacts. They can arrive in Western Australia in various ways. Once well established, they are virtually impossible to eradicate.

To increase the chances of a timely response and eradication, early detection is essential.  

There are many ways to report your sightings:

  • FishWatch 24 hour hotline 1800 815 507
  • WA PestWatch online reporting tool
  • WA PestWatch app available from the App Store or Google Play
  • Biosecurity Section via email or telephone 08 6551 4444
  • your local Fisheries office

Find out more about how to report sightings on the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development website.