2022-2023 Aboriginal Heritage Grants

The Department is pleased to announce that nine local Aboriginal organisations have received grants of up to $40,000 for Aboriginal heritage projects.
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The 2023 Preserve, Promote and Protect our Aboriginal Sites grants will benefit several Aboriginal organisations and communities in preserving and improving significant Aboriginal Heritage sites across the State.

Since the commencement of the grants in 2014, the WA Government has committed over $2 million in its continued support of Aboriginal people in managing their cultural heritage throughout Western Australia.

This year over $350,000 in grant packages have been awarded between $10,000 - $40,000 to nine not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations to commence cultural heritage projects.

About the program

Amounts of up to $40,000 exclusive of GST are available for incorporated not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations that manage sites listed on the Register of Aboriginal Places and Objects.

Previously funded projects include:

  • The remediation of Registered Aboriginal burial sites, including memorials plinths and reflection places
  • Development and installation of interpretive and truth-telling signage,
  • Fencing, including repair and installation
  • Removal of invasive weeds, rubbish and graffiti
  • Digital promotion of cultural information for existing registered sites to a broader audience.
  • Cultural Heritage Management plans detailing cultural revitalisation, on-ground restoration, and long-term protection management of Registered Aboriginal Sites 
  • Construction of meeting places and improved site accessibility at Registered Aboriginal Sites 
  • Employment and training opportunities to Aboriginal people in delivering on-the ground project work such as site Clean-up and Remediation
  • Historical research to identify and repatriate historical images and information connected to an existing registered aboriginal site.

2022-23 Promote, Preserve and Protect our Aboriginal sites grant recipients

Wajarri Yamatji AC RNTBC (Mid-West)

Walga Rock - Yearly Maintenance Program

Grant amount


Project summary 

A yearly calendar of maintenance works and site visits undertaken by 1 team leader and 2 young Watjarri men to care for the condition of site and Protected Area Walga Rock.

Yawuru PBC/Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited Ltd. (Kimberley)

Kunin’s (Fishermen’s Bend) Water Project

Grant amount


Project summary 

Water Project to install a water bore, tank and poly-piping to service proposed toilets and showers for Kunin’s (Fishermen’s Bend) Cultural precinct, facilitating the Yawuru people's ongoing customary law and cultural practices.

Abmusic Aboriginal Corporation (Metro – South Perth)

Preserving the Legacy of Abmusic Aboriginal Corporation

Grant amount


Project summary 

Upgrades to the Abmusic facility at the Clontarf site to protect its heritage value and facilitate community use. Includes replacement of whiteboards, tables, chairs, site clean-up, and upgrade of locks and handles for security.

Yawuru PBC/Nyamba Buru Limited (Kimberley)

Preserving Morgan’s Camp Pearling Cottage

Grant amount


Project summary 

Restoration and preservation of the only remaining pearling cottage situated at Burrgugun, or “Morgan’s Camp”. Works will replace missing timber shutters and a door, upgrade fencing, painting, install interpretive signage, and engage an Aboriginal carpenter.

Marribank Aboriginal Corporation (Southern)

Restoration of Marribanks Waterways and Protection of Cemetery Sites

Grant amount


Project summary 

Fencing of Carrolup grave sites to protect them from livestock, reduction of fuel loads, and restoration of surrounding waterways.

As One Nyitting LTD (Metro – City of Swan)

Wirraloo Boodja Project

Grant amount


Project summary 

Environmental toilet facilities to enable on-country education programs to be delivered with comfort, and improved fencing and signage to manage public access.

Budadee Aboriginal Corporation (Pilbara)

The Cultural Safety Project

Grant amount


Project summary 

Installation of cultural signage and fencing at Nullagine Engravings and Woodstock Abydos Protected Reserve, which are significant sites connected with the Seven Sisters Songline. This will be followed by a two-day installation program led by Traditional Owners and Budadee Rangers, with cultural supervision from Elders.

TR Foundation (Pilbara)

Orange Rock Hole Graffiti Removal Project

Grant amount


Project summary 

Removal of graffiti affecting the cultural integrity of Orange Rock Hole in cooperation with Mallina representatives, and to build their capacity in culturally appropriate land management activities, resulting in nationally accredited training.

Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation (Mid-West)

Willi Gulli Protection Plan, Stage 1

Grant amount


Project summary 

Community consultation engaging senior custodians and coordinated through the Hutt River Cultural Committee to define an action plan to identify implementation of protective measures for Willi Gulli Complex Protected Area.

Jamukurnu Yapalikurunu (Western Desert Lands) Corp

Strelley Cemetery Upgrade Works

Grant amount


Project summary 

Supply and install cemetery fencing to protect the and improve access to the active community cemetery and significant cultural heritage site in the context of the 1946 Pastoral Strike Movement and contains the burials of some of the key figures of the Pastoral Strike.

Project eligibility

Grant applications will only be accepted for projects associated with heritage places that are Registered Sites on the Register of Places and Objects (the Register) at the time of applying. You can check which places are on the Register using the Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System

Eligibility requirements and ineligible activities are outlined in the Guidelines for Applicants

How to nominate a site that is not currently on the Register of Places and Objects?

 A place which you consider to be an Aboriginal site that is not currently a Registered Site on the Register of Places and Objects will be required to be assessed and added to the Register before you can submit an application to the grants program. If the heritage place becomes registered, you can apply for funding through the ‘Preserve, Promote and Protect our Aboriginal Sites’ grants program (the Program) in future years. 

If you would like to submit an application for this program for an Aboriginal site that is not currently on the Register, please contact the Senior Projects Officer on (08) 6551 7942.

Who can apply?

Only incorporated Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply. Individuals and government agencies (Local, State and Federal) are not eligible for grant funding through this program; however, joint submissions with other organisations may be made.

If a joint application is made, the eligible Aboriginal organisation must be listed as the applicant, with the other organisation(s) listed in the application form. An organisation that is not confident that it can manage any resultant funding may wish to partner with an organisation that will manage the financial aspects of the project (an auspicing body). The auspicing body must agree to receive the funds and to administer the grant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed grant agreement.

Project evaluation

Projects are required to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Preservation, protection and/or promotion of an Aboriginal heritage site(s)
  • Sustainable, long-term heritage benefits
  • Public benefit and increased awareness of Aboriginal heritage
  • Opportunities and benefits for Aboriginal people and organisations

Find out more

If you have any queries regarding the grants program, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Projects Officer, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

Phone enquiries: (08) 6551 7942
Email enquiries: HeritageGrants@dplh.wa.gov.au
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