District Leadership Groups

District Leadership Groups are responsible for developing and leading on-the-ground responses to achieve local outcomes.

District Leadership Groups (DLG) operate across Western Australia and meet regularly to explore local issues and initiatives.

Membership of the groups include representatives from State and Commonwealth governments, local government, the community services sector, Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and industry.

An effective network of strong, self-supporting DLGs across the State will have a fundamental impact on improving outcomes for all Western Australians.

The groups’ activities involve:

  • regional collaboration and coordination of effort and resources on key local initiatives
  • provision of timely and accurate local information to Government and other stakeholders
  • fostering partnerships to coordinate services, measure impact and share expertise and resources.

The Department of Communities is acting as the driver and facilitator for DLG development in WA by providing a program of assistance to each region, which may include governance, decision-making, leadership development, and outcomes and priority-setting.

In 2018 the Public Sector Leadership Council endorsed Communities’ commitment to the development and support of DLGs. The Department’s support is aimed at strengthening the principle of shared ownership.

What’s happening

Communities is developing and refining tools to support DLGs including:

  • facilitated workshops
  • a central register of membership, meeting dates and regional outcomes
  • standard templates for terms of reference, agendas, minutes and reports.

In consultation with DLGs and key stakeholders, Communities is working to address current and future challenges and opportunities for DLGs to ensure they are enabled and equipped to deliver better outcomes in local communities.

Other exciting projects include the design of an online portal to enable simple, one-step access to news, updates, events, calendars, and documents related to DLG development.

What people are saying

Martin Haime, Acting Superintendent, Midland District, Western Australia Police Force (Chair, Midland DLG)

“The development of our District Leadership Group has identified more than local issues and priorities, it’s identified the opportunities that exist if we work together and understand each other.”

Michael Piu, CEO, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, (Chair, SW Metropolitan DLG)

“The collective efforts of the District Leadership Group have been instrumental in achieving good local outcomes. We’ve been able to identify priorities that matter in this community, and genuinely work together to find the best way to make a difference.”

Jamie Strickland (Chair, Midwest DLG)

“Communities’ support to develop the DLG has been invaluable, and we’re now excited about how it is working moving forward and the opportunity for genuine collaboration. The group has a clear way forward to address important local priorities which can really make a difference, particularly looking at local solutions, and takes into account the great skills, networks and resources in the region. We are also very keen to keep improving and want to look to other DLGs to share.”


If you would like any of these resources in an accessible format, please email DLGs@communities.wa.gov.au.

2021 District Leadership Group Calendar and Priority Issues

DLG in action

Pilbara District Leadership Group – Collectively addressing local issues
Midwest District Leadership Group – Breaking barriers between government and non-government sectors
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