Revenue Online frequently asked questions

Payroll tax, insurance duty, online duties.

Revenue Online includes online payroll tax, online duties and online insurance duty.

When you register for Revenue Online, you must agree to the relevant terms and conditions.

Log in to Revenue Online.

If you believe an unauthorised person has attempted to access your account information, or an event or something out of the ordinary occurs, contact us immediately.

How do I update my details?

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The authorised person/administrator can add multiple users. Each user can be assigned a different level of authorisation through the 'Maintain User Roles' screen.

The administrator can change their email address by selecting ‘My Details’ from the top-right of the screen or using the ‘Maintain Users & Modify User Details’ function.

  • Email address 1 will replace the default Administrator’s address.
  • Email Address 2 will be used to send copies of all correspondence to another nominated user in your organisation.

To change the nominated email address used for assessment notification purposes, select ‘Maintain Clients & Modify Client Registration’, and modify the relevant client details.

Once registered, other clients can be added to the Revenue Online account. This function can be used to enable grouped clients’ returns to be lodged and paid under a single account.

  • The administrator can add a client on the 'Maintain Clients & Add Client' screen.
  • The administrator can remove a client on the 'Maintain Clients > Revoke Client' screen. Any returns lodged before a client has been revoked will remain on your record, however, you will no longer be able to access this client through Revenue Online.

What do I do if Revenue Online isn't working?

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The Revenue Online broadcast message will be updated regularly to list any scheduled outages or experienced issues. If the site is unavailable for an extended period, you may receive an email notification to advise when the issue is expected to be resolved and what other options you have for meeting your taxation obligations. Contact us if Revenue Online is unavailable and there is no message informing users of a problem.

Online duties

Online duties has a manual backup system (MBS) in place which will allow the responsible party to complete urgent transactions. To produce the Manual Backup Certificates or to restore your manual certificates to their available limit, select ‘Manual Backup - Generate/Regenerate’ from the left side of your online duties client menu. The MBS can only be used

  • if the fault is not attributed to the Responsible Party’s own computer system or service provider
  • if the Commissioner has broadcast a system failure message on Revenue Online or via email authorising the use of the MBS and
  • to manually endorse approved dutiable transactions in accordance with the online duties approved transactions, excluding related parties and substituted transferees transactions.

What payment methods can I use?

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Online duties - Customer Initiated Payment Account (CIPA)

Payroll tax - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), BPay, Customer Initiated Payment Account (CIPA), BPoint

Insurance duty - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

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