Supplying goods and services

How to find opportunities to supply goods and services to government and make an offer.

​​The Western Australian Government spends around $14 billion per year on goods and services.

To supply goods and services to the Western Australian Government you need to follow a certain process and meet the requirements of our policies.  

This guide aims to:

  • explain the steps required to supply goods and services to government
  • explain government procurement policies and how they affect suppliers
  • highlight the requirements for each stage of the process

This guide includes information about:

  •  the different ways government buys goods and services
  •  how to respond to a tender or quote and what you need to include in your offer
  •  how to submit your offer
  •  how offers are evaluated
  •  how the contract is awarded
  •  how to get feedback on your offer

Use the guide’s navigation to move through the steps in the process, using the links displayed down the right hand side of the page. The guide is divided into three sections:

  1. getting government work
  2. making a goods and services offer
  3. how your goods and services offer is evaluated

If you know what you are looking for, you can click straight through to the section you need. If you are new to supplying to government, you can click through all the pages chronologically to get an overview of how to supply to government.

This guide is for businesses that wish to supply goods and services to government. Other guides are available for community services providers or supplying government - suppling works.

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