Agency Purchasing and Contracting Authority Register template

Form and Template:
There is a requirement for agencies to maintain a purchasing and contracting authority register.

Under the provisions of the partial exemptions issued by the State Supply Commission there is a requirement for agencies to maintain a register of all positions with delegated authority from the Accountable Authority to act on behalf of the agency in its procurement.

This template has been developed to assist agencies meet these obligations.

In determining what position(s) should be delegated authority for procurement decision-making, Accountable Authorities should consider:

•    A delegation framework which ensures streamlined procurement processes and decision making, within the context of the agency’s organisational size, structure, geographical spread etc, whilst managing the Accountable Authority’s ultimate responsibility and accountability for procurement decisions;

•    A delegation framework that facilitates a more affirmative approach by the agency implementing the Buy Local policy in the regions; and

•    Ensuring all officers to whom procurement decision-making is delegated, have the appropriate knowledge and skills to make an objective assessment on the merits and justification for the procurement decisions consistent with SSC policies.


15 October 2019


Procurement Policy and Governance


Page reviewed 16 October 2019