Digital Services Content Standard

Defines the minimum standards that Western Australian Government agencies must apply when creating content for digital services.

The use of a shared content strategy and standards across government assists agencies to develop online content in a consistent manner. This helps a wide range of people in better understanding government information the first time they read or hear it.

The objective of the standard is to:

  • Ensure that content is created using a consistent approach so that a person has the same experience regardless of which agency provides the digital service.
  • Standardise the most important terms to avoid confusing people with a number of different terms.
  • Make information more discoverable and easier to search online.
  • Strengthen the 'brand' of government by presenting a consistent tone of voice across all content types.
  • Provide a single point of reference for content authors.

This standard is part of the Digital Services Policy Framework that underpins the Digital Services Policy.

Digital Services Policy Framework

The Digital Services Policy Framework (DSPF) which provides guidance for agencies in the delivery of digital services, including websites. Guidance materials will be added to the DSPF as we progress with the whole of government digital services portal, referred to as ServiceWA (Digital).

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