Subsidies Fact Sheet - Energy Concession Extension Scheme

Fact sheet
Concession scheme to assist eligible people to meet energy consumption costs.

Energy concessions are payments to assist people to meet their energy consumption costs in certain circumstances. Generally, energy concessions are administered through an electricity bill.

The scheme applies to people living in retirement villages, apartment buildings or caravan parks (as a long-stay resident) where the electricity costs are recouped from the tenants by the owner (such as strata entity, retirement village management or caravan park management) because the owner is directly billed by Synergy or Horizon Power on behalf of the residential complex.

It also applies to households that receive electricity charges direct from a retailer other than Synergy or Horizon Power, such as Perth Energy or Alinta Sales.

The concessions include

  • the Energy Assistance Payment
  • the Dependent Child Rebate and
  • the Air Conditioning Rebate

Use the ECES Checklist before applying.

Please notify us if you receive a payment and your address or personal circumstances have changed.

See information about the $400 Household Electricity Credit. This is administered separately to the ECES.


Subsidies Fact Sheet - Energy Concession Extension Scheme
Page reviewed 9 December 2022