Mandogalup - Improvement Scheme No. 1

The State Government released Improvement Plan 47 to progress comprehensive planning for the Mandogalup area.
Last updated: 20 July 2023

The Improvement Plan came into effect on 12 April 2019 and provides for the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) to establish the planning framework over an area of land in Mandogalup, including the preparation of an Improvement Scheme.  

The improvement scheme will be informed by background and technical investigations and the consideration of scenarios for future rural, urban and industrial land use (or a combination of uses). The WAPC will determine the preferred land use scenario, which will inform a Land Use Plan and the Improvement Scheme. An important component of the work program is engagement with key stakeholders, Mandogalup residents and landowners.   

March 2023 - Update

The Western Australian Planning Commission considered the draft land use scenarios on 23 November 2022 and selected a preferred scenario that will inform the drafting of the Improvement Scheme.

Next Steps

We are liaising with the project consultant on the draft Scheme and any updates required to be undertaken to the technical and supporting documents. 

It is anticipated that the WAPC will consider the draft Scheme in late-2023. Referral to the Environmental Protection Authority will be required thereafter, followed by public consultation.